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Social Network Violation

We all have friends who use social networks and just don’t know the rules. Now there’s a way to easily educate them and poke a little fun at the same time. Think of Social Network Violations as traffic tickets for the Web. The violations include social network faux pas such as “Excessive poking,” ”’Liking every status you see,” “Stalking” and “Repetitous status updates.”

Shake 'n Paste

Shake your phone, select one of your saved snippets and paste into any text box. Save time and save the frustration of having to type frequently used text snippets over and over.


Rapidly send links to predefined email addresses. Perfect for when you find sites on your mobile that you later want to view on your desktop/laptop computers or share with others.

BlastNotes (Coming Soon!)

One touch note creation that automatically saves, transcribes and emails your notes to a predefined email address.


DrunkNotes (Coming Soon!)

An intoxicating version of BlastNotes.


Company News

  • 5-03-2012 | Social Network Violations v1.1 released.
  • 4-29-2012 | Social Network Violations v1.0 released.
  • 4-19-2012 | Shake 'n Paste Pro v1.4 released.
  • 4-18-2012 | Shake 'n Paste Pro v1.3 released.
  • 4-17-2012 | Shake 'n Paste Lite v1.2 released.
  • 4-15-2012 | Blast Links update v1.5 released.
  • 4-14-2012 | Shake 'n Paste v1.0 released.
  • 6-13-2011 | Blast Links v1.0 released.
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